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Applied Automation & Engineering are specialists in a range of services from Automation to Fabrication, and many related areas including product sales. 

Automation increases eficiency, quality control, safety and reduce costs.


Assembly Stations
When you need to assemble parts or products, automation increases eficiency and quality control

Rotary Die Cuting
Emboss, cut and press products at very high rates.

Robot Systems
Robot arms can handle even the most complex or hazardous tasks, rapidly and accurately.

Purpose Built Machines
Automation can be used for just about any purpose. We have the skils required to bring automation into just about any process.


CNC Machining produces the highest quality, most accurate results.


Accuracy. Quality
For high precision tolerances, high quality machining, or just to speed up the job, CNC Machining makes al the difference.

3D Surfacing
CNC Machining alows us to create accurate 3D surfaces for your parts, often used to secure your product in place without damaging it during assembly.

Materials can be treated to enhance durability and physical properties, reducing wear and tear.

Ideal for framing and to compliment your machined parts, welding is sometmies used for large machines.

We also sell automation products for your own projects or spare parts.

Rotary Tables
Weiss rotary tables are one of the most reliable and robust rotary indexing tables available,smooth,jerk and impact free running.

Hobby CNC Machines
Isel CNC Macines are ideal for the enthusiest or business with small machiing requirements.

Pneumatic Screwdrivers
Ideal for automation or to speed up manual tasks, Deprag Pneumatic Screwdrives are of the highest quality.

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Online CNC Quotes

Applied CNC is a division of Applied Automation & Engineering, offering online quotes for custom machined parts.

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